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HK Tramway's Managers

This question arrived by email:

I have an idea on making a list of the managers of HK Tramways, however there is lack of information. Has someone in gwulo website contributed such knowledge or having worked in the tramways company?

We don't have that list - does anyone else know if it has been compiled already?

The Jurors List project will help you. eg in the 1911 list I can see:

KennedyJames John StodartGeneral ManagerElectric Traction Co., Ld.  1Morrison Hill 

Another suggestion would be to search the newspapers for reports on the annual general meeting of the company. They would probably mention who the manager was.

Regards, David


What did the Tramways say when you contacted them ?  I know that had a history display at the lower terminus.

HK Tramways' Managers

Mr. Bruno has left and W H Tsang was appointed in July 2012.

I believe this list is incomplete, as Vernon Walker is missing.

According to the Juror's Lists and his obituary in the SCMP 2/2/1960 pg. 7, he held these positions at the HK Tramways:

August 1921-1926 - Asst. Workshop Supt., HK Tramway Co., Ld.,

1926-1930 - Workshop Supt., H.K. Tramway Co., Ld.

1930-1941- Chief Asst. Engineer, H.K. Tramway Co., Ld.

Obituary says February 1939 promoted to Chief Engineer and Joint Assistant Manager.

No information about his position from 1946-1949 after he returned to HK from his recouperation after internment, but our family believes he was General Manager.

Retired in May 1949.

I need more information from the Tramways; I think 1947 - 1950 W.F. Simmons may be a joint position also occupied by Vernon Walker, or otherwise a mistaken entry.

I found the obituary for W F Simmons written after his death in 1950. It confirms he was General Manager at the time:

Regards, David