Osaka Shosen Kaisha (O.S.K.) Wharf / Custodian Wharf / Hongkong Macao Wharf [????-c.1961]

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Photos that show this Place


Post-war the O.S.K. building and pier became known as Custodian Wharf. The Hedda Morrison Collection has a photo of Custodian Wharf here (search for Bustling Activity on the Macao Ferry Pier,,,,,,,,) from 1946/47. The 1957.1 map at  also shows the wharf. I guess at the end of WWII, the Government became the custodian of enemy property and thus the name.

Hong Kong Macau Ferry Wharf  better known as Osaka wharf moved on june 1 1961. This news report says "the ships between Macau and Hong Kong will dock at the new pier on the newly reclaimed land today"  i.e. june 1 1961.

In the report, it says ships that used to dock here were "Fatshan", Tai Loy" etc.

In those 1930s and 1940s photos the name displayed on the wall of pier was "OSK". It became "港 澳碼頭" or HK Macau pier in the 1950s up till 1961.

1961-6-1 hk macau pier moved
1961-6-1 hk macau pier moved, by simtang

These news reports confirmed the date steamers Tai Loy and Takshing moved to the newly rebuilt Osaka Custodian pier is 1957 April 9. So the name of Custodian pier from now on became Hong Kong Macau pier (港澳碼頭). They say the old  tai yip pier (大業碼頭) and  tak kee  pier ( 德記碼頭) will be demolished and their sites reclaimed.

1957-3-25   tai loy takshing will move to custodian pier
1957-3-25 tai loy takshing will move to custodian pier , by simtang
1957-4-09 tai loy takshing moved to custodian pier
1957-4-09 tai loy takshing moved to custodian pier, by simtang

Another report says Fatshan steamboat will also move to new pier on Aug 1 1958 from its old docking place Yuen On wharf.

1959-8-1 fatshan moved to osaka pier
1959-8-1 fatshan moved to osaka pier, by simtang

The pier is still in use in January 1961, ships can be seen on an aerial photograph on HKMS2.0. Simtang posted that the ships moved to the new ferry wharf in June 1961. Afterwards the pier was of no use and was demolished some time later. It has already been removed when this aerial photograph was taken on 1 February 1963.

central piers aerial view 1963+1969
central piers aerial view 1963+1969, by Klaus