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Kennedy's Horse Repository - Garden Road [????- ]

Listed on maps as Livery Stables.

Who has a 1880 map and can place this properly ?

Photos that show this place



Hi Annelise, Are you sure they had a building here? The 1900 Jurors List shows a "5, Garden Road" address for one employee, but then it also shows a "30, Elgin Street" address for another. I wonder if these are just residential addresses, rather than offices or stables?

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5 Garden Road..... Don't know if the #5 of present day Garden Road is the same as the #5 back then.  Were there a government staple at Lower Albert Road next to the present day American Consulate back then?  I wonder.......

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Hi: the government ones on Lower Albert Road would have been around then

1894 - The Directory & chronicle for China, Japan, Corea, Indo-China, ...

Horse Repository and Hongkong Dairy, Garden Road, rear of Murray Barracks



That's interesting. As Thomas and 80skid say, there's the stables on Lower Albert Road we know about. Seems unlikely that would have a Garden Road address though.

There's a 'livery stables' on this 1880 map (bottom left corner):

Admiralty, 1880

It's inside the military area, so I always assumed it was for the army's horses, but maybe it's the 'horse repository' mentioned above, or at least the horse repository was somewhere nearby?

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This narrows it down a bit (second item down):

That's the map.  It is the Livery Stable.  Do you think I have it placed correctly on the modern map ?

It looks about right to me.