Iddesleigh / Commodore's House / 5, Bowen Road [1913- ] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Iddesleigh / Commodore's House / 5, Bowen Road [1913- ]

Current condition: 
In use
Date Place completed: 
c.1913-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)

Notes from AMO's 'Introduction to 1444 Historic Buildings':

Name and Address: Ex-Commodore's House, No. 5 Bowen Road
名稱及地址: 香港中環寶雲道5 號前准將官邸
District: C & W
Existing Grading: II
Proposed Grading: I
Built in 1914 [1913, see comments below], the Ex-Commodore's House, formerly named “Iddesleigh,” was owned by the Hongkong Land Investment and Agency Company Limited as the residence for Company's Secretary. After the Second World War, it was occupied by the Royal Navy, who then allocated the building to the Commodore-in-Charge in 1952. The building has since then been known as Commodore's House (now known as Ex-Commodore's House). In 1979, it was handed over to the Hong Kong Government, and it has been occupied by Mother's Choice as a baby care centre since 1990.

Photos that show this place


1919 - Mrs. Mowbray Northcote - Iddesleigh - 5 Bowen Road

Mr. Mowbray S. Northcote, Hong Kong Land and Investment Agency Co. in 1907 - was an "Honorary Correspondent" to the magazine Devonia, and surely related to the Earl of Iddesleigh

I remember that every morning, the Commodore's driver would get the car out of the garage on the other side of Magazine Gap road,  wash the car in the layby, and put a little flag on a pole on the front wing.

I don't know what time he left for work, I had to be in school by then ;-).


I've changed the completion date from 1914 to 1913. Item 47 in the PWD report for 1913, 'Principal Works of a Private Nature', lists it under 'Works completed':

1 European house (large) I.L. 1388, Bowen Road.