Alex. Ross and Co. [????-????]

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Any suggestions where I can find information regarding a company called Alex Ross and Company in Hong Kong in the 1920s? (When I did an Internet search  I found a reference to them in Singapore during the 1st World War).


Photos of this organisation:


search ["alexander ross & Co." hong kong] in Google Books shows a 1916 listing:

Commerce Reports:

Front Cover
Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, United States Dept. of Commerce., 1916

Page 83

Page 83

Jury list of 1916 shows special juror
Moss, Dennis Kebir - Merchant, Alex. & Ross & Co., Tregunter Mansions, May Road.

To troll through more jury lists
search "jurors"

I am the great grandson of Alex Ross.
I don't know that much about him or my Grandfather (John Kennedy Ross) so any info would be great.
The vague family history I have been told is pretty vague but interesting.
I am Euro-Asian and most the interesting info I know comes from my Asian side.
Any details appreciated!


I have recently come across Alex Ross's name among those mentioned in my own family history. He is one of the people I am trying to follow up. I think he may have even lived in one of our family's houses at one time. It is possible my family hired cars from him on a very regular basis. May I get back to you next week when I shall be in a better position to consult my documentation?

Best wishes




My family connection seems not to be a personal one with your grandfather or great-grandfather, as far as I know at the moment, but probably a close professional one with Alex. Ross & Co. In 1920 my grandfather, Charles E. Warren sent a wreath to the funeral of a young man described as ‘Assistant’ in Alex. Ross & Co., of whom he was probably a regular client. I expect you’ve looked at Patricia Lim’s cemetery inscriptions on the Gwulo site. John Kennedy Ross is given at 11B/02/19; his dates 1903-1967 Your great-grandfather isn’t given, but his wife, Mary Kay Ross d. 9 March 1887 aged 62, is at 20/10/01 together with their children, James d. 1864 and Jane d. 1865. I suppose your great-grandfather married again, if John wasn’t born till 1903. 

Have you checked the Carl Smith cards website? There are 19 cards recording Alex. Ross & Co., which include one mentioning John Kennedy Ross. They can be ordered from the Public Records Office. I'll keep a look out for Alexander and John elsewhere. 



I bought a sliver pocket watch that date from around 1903 in China 8 years ago. On the key to the watch is written Alex Ross & Co. on the other side chinese caractere, probaly the chinese name of the company. If you are interested I can send you pictures