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Austin Arms [1875-1891]

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Austin Arms [FL 54].

"So in 1868 John Gardiner Austin set forth, alone, for the Far East. Emma and the girls settled at 71 Harcourt Terrace, South Kensington and this was the family home for many years in which ‘papa’ spent his leaves from China."

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John Gardiner Austin, Colonial Secretary of Hongkong, (now known as Chief Secretary) chose a spot above Victoria Gap, facing Mt. Kellett. His friends, who came to visit, called it the Austin Arms

In January 1875, Mr. Austin sent a request on behalf of nine Justices of the Peace, whose spokesman was acting Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Mr. Justice James Russell, requesting that some land nearby be sold to them, without the usual auction. He was roundly rebuked in an indignant reply reminding these justices, in no uncertain terms, that the duty of Government was to obtain the highest possible price for the land.Austin left Hong Kong in 1878.and James Russell moved into the Austin Arms.

or, if you prefer, there was a story in the Straits Times Overland Journal regarding a charity event:

Hongkong Flower Show

The Hongkong Horticultural Soceity held its annual show in the Public Gardens yesterday afternoon (22 Feb 1878). [among the things for sale]

There was also a view of the Peak where the justices of the peace allowed a public house called the Austin Arms to be used without a license - and may ..... views and caricatures,

[ note: both  J.G. Austin and the governor were present at this charity bazaar ]

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