Ginger factories on K.I.L. 629 and K.I.L. 631, Yau Ma Tei [????-????]

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Two adjacent factories, located on K.I.L. 629 and 631, on two rectangles of land bordered by Station St (now Shanghai St), Nathan Rd, Waterloo Rd and Man Ming Lane (with Portland St running down the middle), in Yau Ma Tei. Shown on the 1896 and 1903 Kowloon maps, but unclear whether still shown on the 1920 Kowloon map.

These two factories may or may not have been owned by the same company - yet to be established.

Photos that show this Place



The factory on KIL 629 is mentioned in item 127.xv on page P 79 of the PWD annual report for 1914, by which time the factory was also manufacturing soy products:

Item (xv). Complaints having been received from the Soy and Ginger Factory on K.I.L. 629 that flooding occurred during heavy rains, causing trouble with the drainage of their premises, the sewer was extended and a direct connection was given to it.

In connection with the  2020 birthday buildings David wrote about the Yau Ma Tei Pumping Station, Shanghai Street [1895- ]

It's interesting to see it on the 1896 map of the area, when it had a sea-view to the front, and two ginger factories at the rear. I find the smell of ginger is very refreshing, but might have a different opinion if I had to work next to a ginger factory every day!

So one of the factories should be visible on the photo:

Yau Ma Tei Pumping Station - Still there...!, by The National Archives UK


Thanks David and Klaus for the interesting information and photo, which probably shows the ginger factory on KIL 631 (to the right of/behind the Pumping Station). The one on KIL 629 would not likely have been visible from this viewpoint (going by the 1896 map of Kowloon).