1930s HK George Pio-Ulski

Mon, 11/07/2022 - 16:18

Photo of my father when he arrived in Hong Kong from Shanghai (1937) in a sedan chair.

It was taken in November and I'm pretty sure it was taken on Wyndham Street but I have no idea if he was going somewhere or if he just sat in it for a photo op! :D

Date picture taken


The top of the road looks too leafy for Wyndham Street - maybe he was a bit further uphill on Glenealy?

There are some signs on the wall to the right of your father. If you can look at them under a magnifying glass is it possible to make out any text?

Hi David

I'm afraid if I blow the picture up slightly and use the magnifying glass, the signage is too blurred to work out names :(

I'd check the original photo but we moved from our old house (46 years in the family so LOTS of boxes) to one being closer to both daughters' families in June and I still haven't unpacked everything! Will try and find my father's photo album and will comment if I'm successful in working out what the signs say! :) 



As David surmises, perhaps the corner of Glenealy and top end of Wyndham Street. Not sure if it is the Glenealy Buildings that we see. The photo below only shows the right side of the building up towards Wyndham Street. 

1910s Wyndham Street
1910s Wyndham Street, by moddsey

Moddsey, you are one incredible photo sleuth - right up there with David :D

Thank you SO MUCH for clearing this up for me - I shall make the necessary changes on my genealogy blog!