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Robert Cyril REED [1903-1969]

Robert Cyril
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The above details on the birth and death dates of Robert Cyril Reed, uncle of Angela Niles, were supplied by eurasion_david, who kindly copied his obituary from the SCMP:


Mr. Robert Cyril Reed, a long-time resident, died on Saturday. He was 66.

Mr Reed was a teacher at the Moral Training School in Kowloon Tong.

He was a keen follower of hockey, cricket and lawn bowls.

Mr Reed was also a former prisoner of war in Shamshuipo Camp.

He is survived by his brothers, Willie and Reggie.

The funeral arrangements will be announced shortly."

Source: South China Morning Post, page 6, 6th October 1969




Robert Cyril Reed born 18 March 1903 in Victoria Hong Kong

Lance Bombradier HKVDC D.R.4.

Father  Amaro John

Mother Maria Rita Reed

Destination fo Report Mrs M R Reed 8 Broadwood Road Hong Kong

Robert Cyril Reed 

Father Amaro John Reed 1865 -1936 Mother Maria Rita da Silva 1871 - 1948


Edgar Vincent Reed  10 Janury 1905 - 19 January 1941 Jardines Lookout

Wilfred Alexander Reed 25 March 1906 - 20 March 1971 Hong Kong

Arthur Augustus Reed 1908 - 19 December 1941 Jardines Lookout

Stephen Arnold Reed c 1910 - 1942  Wounded 19 January 1941 Jardines Lookout and died  15 January 1942 Military Hospital Bowen Road

Francis Oswald Reed c 1913 - 18 January 1941 Sai Wan Fort .Gunner HKVDC

Reginald John Reed 1914 - 1980 Rhuddlan, Clwyd, Wales

Name: Robert Cyril Reed

D.O.B: 18th March 1903

Nationality: Hong Kong/Portuguese

Date of capture: 25th December 1941

Date of liberation: 2nd September 1945

Rank: Lance Bombardier

POW camp: Shamshuipo

Service Number: DR4

Duty location: Hong Kong

Next of kin: Mother: Maria R. Reed, 8 Broadwood Road, Hong Kong

Service: British Army

Primary unit: Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps

Archive reference: Ron Bridge's Collection and WO 392/26


Additional information on WO 345 Japanese Index Cards of Allied POWs: the date of capture was 16/12/25 (= 25th year of Showa era = 16/12/1941) which is probably more accurate than generic date of 25/12/1941. Occupation is included and inked under Robert Cyril Reed's name is Kanji writing which appears to be an attempt to give him a Japanese transliterated name but I can't read Japanese.



How terrible for Maria Reed to lose four sons as a result of the Battle for Hong Kong, one taking a year to die of his wounds. 

Ann, thank you for posting the information on Robert Cyril Reed, his parents and brothers.  I appreciate seeing the names, dates and locations of death for the Reed brothers all in one place.  There are, however, some discrepancies in some of the dates shown in the listing above.  I wonder if it is possible to have these records corrected?

My father Wilfred's actual birthdate was March 2, 1906.  In this listing his birthdate is given incorrectly as March 25, 1906.  In the case of Stephen Arnold, he was wounded on December 19, 1941 and brought to the Military Hospital where he succumbed to his wounds on January 15, 1942. Francis died on December 18, 1941, not January 18, 1941.  I have photos of Stephen and Francis' graves at Stanley Military Cemetery which shows the dates of their death.  Stephen was 32 and Francis was 28 when they died.

Edgar and Arthur's remains were not found as they both died from an explosion.  Their names are included on a war monument in Sai Wan.  Edgar was 36 and Arthur was 33.

Robert (Bobby) was captured on December 25, 1941 and was a prisoner of war at Sham Shui Po until December, 1945.  Reginald (Reggie) was a prisoner of war at Sham Shui Po until January 31, 1946.  I am not sure why they were released on different dates if this information is accurate.  I can't recall the source of this information that I came across.

My father Wilfred (Willie) stayed out of battle to look after his mother and the women in the family (my grandfather Amaro died in 1936).  Willie, along with my grandmoher, my mother Anna Joaquina D'Almada E Castro (known as Belle) and Arthur's wife Marie Diniz and daughter Mary Rita left for Macau and remained there during the war years (when I was born) before returning to Hong Kong sometime in 1946.  My grandmother, Avo Rita as we called her, died in 1948.  Marie and Mary left Hong Kong for Toronto in 1952.  Mary still resides in Toronto with her husband Bob Engesser.  They have two married daughters and grandchildren.

Francis, the sixth son, left behind a widow, Vera de Carvalho, after they had only been married since October, 1941, at St. Margaret's Church in Hong Kong.  Edgar, Stephen and Bobby never married.

Reggie, the youngest Reed brother, left for London in 1946 as one of those chosen to represent the Hong Kong Volunteers at Britain's "Great Victory Parade".  He settled in London and married Rita. He later moved to Rhyl, Wales where he met his second wife Gladys.  They married in 1957 and had one son, Stephen.  Stephen had a son Carl, who in turn produced a son called Jacob Matthew.  Reggie died on February 14, 1980. He was being treated for a long-standing complaint arising from the malnutrition he suffered as a prisoner of war and was awaiting his appointment at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Rhyl when he suddenly passed away in his chair.  His wife Gladys eventually remarried in 1996 but was in poor health in her final years.   The remaining Reed males reside in Wales and are carrying on the family name.


Thanks, David, for the additional information regarding my uncle during the war.

He and his brothers lived with their parents, Amaro and Maria, at 8 Broadwood Road.  I was told the house was taken over by the Japanese as a command center.  The house was left as a shell after the war, as was probably the case with so many of the other homes.

Thank you, Jill, for your note of sympathy. As you can see from my prior response to Ann, Stephen Reed was wounded on December 19, 1941 and died from his injuries on January 15, 1942 at the Military Hospital at age 32.  I was told by my mother that he was bayonetted and that his older brother Robert brought him to the hospital. 

Stephen worked as a clerk at the Hong Kong General Post Office where his father had worked before as Chief Accountant before his retirement in 1927.

Thanks again, Jill, for all your help with uploading photos for me, much appreciated.

I took the names and dates from the Macanese Tree on Ancetrstry

It is good to know from an impeccable source where discrepancies lie.


I'm just appreciative that you took the time to post the information about the Reeds.  Glad I was able to address some of the discrepancies. Thanks again!