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My Beautiful Island

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Sun, 1938-08-07 to Tue, 1945-09-11

Subtitle: "From England to New Zealand via Hong Kong and a War".

Featuring first-hand accounts of -

- Flying from England to Hong Kong in 1938 by Imperial Airways flying boat in 6 days,

- Working for Cyril (Ginger) Rogers of the Chinese Currency Stabilisation Fund,

- Expatriate life in Hong Kong 1938 - 1941 including yachting, climbing, parties,

- Falling in love and marrying John Potter of Leigh & Orange and HKVDC Air Arm in 1939 (killed in action 25-12-41), 

- Life in Stanley Internment Camp 1942 - 1945 and repatriation on the Empress of Australia,

written by my mother Norah Potter (nee Huson). She loved Hong Kong. It was her "Beautiful Island", until...

The balance of the story and the choice of the many illustrations is the work of Chris Potter (born 3-9-1941, War Memorial Nursing Home).



Dear Chris, if readers would like to get a copy this book, are any available?

Regards, David

Amazon has it, just search by name. Maybe others do too.

I would like to think that if you asked for it at a local book retailer - e.g. Bookazine - they would obtain some copies (if they haven't already).

The publisher is The CopyPress in Nelson New Zealand -Ā ($NZ40)

Good luck, 



Thanks Chris.

(Here's the link to the book on Amazon: )