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Chris POTTER [1941- ]

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Chris wrote in to the Stanley Camp Discussion List:

I regret coming so late to your party! ..and I'm not sure how probing the old scar tissue is going to work out - but here goes anyway..

As I read the old messages a bell jangles in several places - too many to cover in one hit, so I'll pick on a couple.

Margery Fortescue! My mother (Norah Potter) mentions her many times in her notes: they were good friends in Stanley.

A Savitsky! I have a drawing signed by him of my mother and me (as an infant in a sling on her back). I'll try to post a pic.

Some facts: my father, John Potter (HKVDC) was killed on Christmas Day 1941. He was a partner in Leigh and Orange, architects.

I was born in HK in September 1941 and Stanley ((Internment Camp)) became our home for the duration. 


Photos that show this person



Andrews Cards 11 September 1941

Announcing birth of Christopher John Potter 3 September 1941 (sic) in Hong Kong son of John E Potter  and Norah Mary ( nee Huson) 

Passenger List Hong Kong to Liverpool arriving October 1945

Norah Mary Potter age 33 widow and Christopher John Potter age 4

New Zealand Naturalisations 26 May 1959

Christopher John Potter born 3 September 1942 (sic)



Your dad and my dad were cousins!  Hello!  As a child I was very familiar with your father's name - I know that Dad investigated what had happened to him and found out he had died.  In the china cabinet as a child there was a photograph of the two of them together - sadly I do not have this photo.  There was also a rock from a beach they went to the last time they saw each other.  Again, I no longer have access to this.  My father was Ernest Frank Potter, born 30 November 1907. I hope this rings a bell.  I have been searching for what happened to his family for some time and here you are!

Gillian Potter


Hello Gillian!

It's really good to hear from you. We have quite a lot of catching up to do!

I have some photos going back 3 generations and we should be able to put names to at least some of the faces.

Let's get together by email.. Mine is

I look forward to hearing from you -