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North Conduit, Shing Mun Valley Scheme [1925- ]

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c.1925-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

Part of the first section (phase) of the Shing Mun Valley Scheme.

It was completed in late 1925, and is described in item 224.d of the PWD's Annual Report for 1925:

(d). North Conduit.—A Contract for $70,801.00 was let in February to Mr. Ng Wah who made excellent progress and completed the works by the end of the year. It commences at the termination  of the Temporary Conduit in the Gorge below Pineapple Pass and discharges into the North Tunnel below Smuggler’s Ridge.

It has a uniform grade of 1 in 1,930, a length of 2,900 feet, and is capable of delivering twenty million gallons per day.

The width at the level of the path, which is 6 inches above the overflow level and 4 feet 6 inches above the level of the invert, is 5 feet 6 inches. The width at the invert is 2 feet.

For its construction cement concrete was used throughout, and it is provided with suitable intakes, overflows, sand pits, and washout pipes.

Initially it carried water from the temporary conduit to the intake of the North Tunnel. The North Conduit (marked E) is shown in this configuration on the 1928 map below, with the North Tunnel marked F.

1928 map of the Shing Mun Valley
1928 map of the Shing Mun Valley, by Admin

After the Jubilee Reservoir was completed, the conduit was redirected to bring water from the reservoir instead. See the 1957 map below (conduit is also marked E).

1957 map of the Shing Mun / Golden Hill area
1957 map of the Shing Mun / Golden Hill area, by Admin

Today the conduit is derelict, so at some time the water from the Jubilee Reservoir (now named the Shing Mun Reservoir) has been redirected to flow another way.

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