Marker SE of Mansfield Road [????- ]

Submitted by MikeB on Tue, 01/26/2021 - 00:18
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The Mansfield Road facing side reads BO 23 and the opposite side WD 2.

Anybody with knowledge of the meaning? 

Photos that show this Place



An interesting find. The "Broad Arrow" and letters B O refer to Board of Ordnance or simply Government Property. W. D. refers to War Department. First time I have seen "B O" and "W D" etched on the same stone. An old map may need to be referenced if one side of the stone was used for military purposes. 

A discussion had made here previously on the origins of "B O".

I believe it's the stone that marked the SE corner of the boundary of the military sanitarium site:

The stones are shown on the 1912 map of the Peak:…

That section of the map wasn't very accurately drawn, which is why the stone is shown a bit to the right of the marker. There was also a stone for the SW corner of the site, so that may have survived too.

Dear MikeB,

   According to your finding of WD2/BO23 , we find the rest of WDBS, but WDBS No1 was gone as they straight the Peak Road! please find the WDBS LIsting with location for your reference

WDBS LIST of the Military Sanitarium
WDBS LIST of the Military Sanitarium, by histricalwalkhk
WDBS LIST of the Military Sanitarium Part2
WDBS LIST of the Military Sanitarium Part2, by histricalwalkhk


The boundary map of Military Sanitarium
The boundary map of Military Sanitarium, by histricalwalkhk