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Gwulo's 2018 Top Ten

A look at ten of the most popular pages that were added to Gwulo in 2018. (I've skipped a couple of duplicates - eg there were three Jurors Lists - which is why we start at #13.)


#13 - Francis Parkman Knight (4,572 views)

Follow the investigations into this man's history. The story begins:

I'm looking for any information on Francis Parkman Knight (1831-1880), an American Consulate officer stationed in Newchwang, China in 1862 and died in Shanghai.  I am trying to determine if he is the father of Yuk-Hing Lai (1870-1945), the 2nd wife of Sir Ho Kai (1859-1914).


Read about Francis Parkman Knight


#12 - British army blockhouses from the early twentieth century (4,711 views)

Rob introduced these little-known military buildings. Today only the stone foundations remain, so they are easily overlooked. But after Rob published this newsletter, readers wrote in with old photos showing what the blockhouses looked like originally.

Blockhouse building in the New Territory
Blockhouse building in the New Territory, by Tim M


Read about British army blockhouses from the early twentieth century


#11 - See #5



#10 - Felix Villas Murder (4,771 views)

Read Patricia's investigation of the murder at Felix Villas in 1931, and her description of how the police case against the supposed murderer swiftly unravelled.


Read about the Felix Villas Murder


#9 - Internment camp numbers (4,843 views)

The thread begins with a question about where Mrs Histed and her daughter Helen Barbara Histed were interned in Hong Kong during WW2. Later comments show it was likely they spent at least part of the war years in the relative safety of Macau.


Read about Internment camp numbers


#8 - See #5


#7 - Frederick William PERRY [1914-1988] (6,195 views)

Phil noted that "HK actor, Anthony Wong Chau-sang (黃秋生), is still searching for his information regarding his British father, Frederick William Perry." Later Phil updated the page with the information that Anthony had found the information he was looking for, and was able to meet two half-brothers for the first time.


Read about Frederick William PERRY [1914-1988]


#6 - see #1


#5 - Started 1927, pg 66-110 (6,336 views)

More Jurors Lists! See the finished 1927 Jurors List, then help us type up a page of the 1934 list so we can get that one online as well.


#4 - 1957 Map of Hong Kong & Kowloon (6,786 views)

Andrew shared this map from his National Service days here in Hong Kong. The map itself isn't as detailed as others we've seen, but it has a lot of valuable information in the accompanying text. It shows the location of cinemas and other well-known buildings, plus a long list of businesses and their addresses. See how many of the old businesses you recognise.

Cover, by Andrew Suddaby


Explore the 1957 Map of Hong Kong & Kowloon


#3 - c.1927 Victoria Harbour (6,901 views)

I put this photo under the magnifying glass to investigate its who, what, when, and where:

c.1927 Victoria Harbour


See the c.1927 Victoria Harbour photo


#2 - Christmas Dinner in Hong Kong (7,011 views)

A look at how different generations of expats in Hong Kong recreated the Christmas Dinners of home.

Dairy Farm christmas advert-December 1950
Dairy Farm christmas advert-December 1950, by IDJ


Read about Christmas Dinner in Hong Kong


#1 - Old Hong Kong Photos and The Tales They Tell, Volume 2 (15,262 views)

Another year, another Gwulo book...

Gwulo book - Volume 2 - Front cover


Read sample chapters from Volume 2, then buy the book!


If you'd like to see more of the top pages from 2018, here's the full list.