Photos of Union Church (3rd generation) [1891-c.1944] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Photos of Union Church (3rd generation) [1891-c.1944]

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1895: 1890s Mid-Levels

1895: 1890s Queen's Gardens

1895: 1890s Mid-Levels

1900: 1900s Union Church

1900: Hong-Kong-Tram-Line-to-Peak

1904: c.1904 View of Union Church and east along Kennedy Road

1914: 1914 Hong Kong views

1915: 1910s Unon Church

1915: 1910s Mid-Levels Buildings between Macdonnell and Kennedy Roads

1917: 1910s Union Church

1921: Three buildings

1929: Peak Tram WRF.jpg

1930: Peak tram view

1935: 1930s Union Church

1935: IMG_2657.JPG

1940: 1940s Mid-Levels

: Macdonnell Road bridge over Albany Nullah

: Victoria & Kowloon beyond 16 June '46.jpeg