29 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

29 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Sun, 29 Aug 1943

Just had my weekly bath with warm water and all clean clothes - so I feel nice and fresh. It's been very hot the last week or so but it's better than rain. We have had several raids and the Japs are getting cross and have threatened us with gaol even if we don't take cover - we show our delight too much! Pennefather Evans and [?Wilmont} were released yesterday - very thin and shaken - they have been threatened with detention again if they talk so they are not saying anything. It's quite clear they have had a rough time of it. Election day tomorrow - I'm not worrying - I don't really care nowadays - there would be nothing personal in not being elected - Markar the third man is working hard to get in but I don't think he'll succeed.
CheerO.  Darling.     B.