31 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

31 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Tue, 31 Aug 1943

Wifie Mine,
The Day of Days - it is hard to be separated but I feel sure it won't be so very long now. The Canadians have been told they leave on 23rd Sept. - if they the same ship it ought to be back here, up to Japan and again here by the end of November. Then we'd be in Goa by the middle of Dec and if I could fly home I might be home for Christmas -at least soon after the New Year.
Two lovely letters arrived yesterday 33 & 34 of Jan 24th and 31st. You'd had a "message" from Jimmie but where oh! where is the little letter I sent out with Mrs Anderson inside a cigarette! I think she must've funked it. You had written to her so perhaps you have heard what happened. How horrible Joy having her instruments stolen -you mention that Geoffrey Thatcher has been "newly equipped too" but I don't know why! You must have got some sort of written message for you use the phrase "material losses" which I know is one I used. I am so glad always to see the children's "fists" - Ian asks about Betsy in this one.
So Pam's marriage is off!
It is just after 4 - 7am with you - you'll be getting up and I know thinking of me this morning.
I was knocked out in the election yesterday - I am really profoundly glad but sorry the anti Gimsonites (1 here and 1 in the Married Qrs) have got in. I'll tell you all about it someday.                        A.M.L.    A.M.L.     Your  B.B.


Dearest,   Still today.  It is now 9pm - 12 noon with you.  I have been thinking of you all evening - wishing - longing to be with you.  Dora came along and gave me a "peck" and wished me many Happy Returns.   She is terribly thin.  I had my last Committee meeting tonight  and am now a gentleman of leisure- still  L.C. on Wednesdays and I may have to continue on the Canteen Cttee (I'd like to) but I have no other fixed  engagements.  I'll spend my time reading.        So CheerO Darling.     A.I.A.W.      B.