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24 Aug 1943, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Tue, 24 Aug 1943

I didn't write on Sunday as I was lazy! I have since had two hectic days. Yesterday I had to go and get Sir Vandeleur Grayburn's body out of the Prison. He had died on Saturday night and I suppose there had been great discussions how or whether they could hide the fact but they eventually decided to let us bury him. The body was in a terrible state of course - he is said to have died of beriberi, a sufficient condemnation, but I saw no signs - leg swelling for example. Lady G. was never informed he was ill - Gimson had to go and tell her. She insisted on seeing the body. The whole cemetery was pervaded by the smell - there was a very large turnout, of course. My duties were most unpleasant but I am in charge of all burials etc.
Then today we had the initial B.C.C. meeting - then a very long meeting of the I.Q. Commitee. I have at last persuaded them to meet in future in the evening - we sat from 12.30 to 2.20 and I was exhausted - it's very hot these days. Then I had to up to the godowns just outside bounds but on the main road. I have at last got our little camphor wood box which was in the Dairy Farm Cold Storage - it was brought out here months ago and has lain there since. I had no key but I managed to force it open without damaging the box in the slightest. Inside is your fur coat - you must have missed it when you got home from Singapore on 25th February - I hope you got another one. Then also a nice little brown evening cape, a little necklet (of Joy's?) and fur lined gloves and of course our lovely eiderdown quilt. I had to take everything out to let the Gendarmes see them. Now I have aired them for a little and put them back. They all look and feel perfectly fresh, dry and in good condition. I now hope I can get them safely away from here. So we have our excitements. No money came in yet so the whole Camp is penniless - it's to be in in a day or so       AML AML.     BB
Dearest -     Another lovely letter arrived yesterday 26/8 - No 31 of Jan 10th. My last letter was No 20 of 25/10/42 so there is a long hiatus. I had of course your I.R.C. forms of 23/12  20/1  and 11/2. I was so glad to get it and hear all your news - soon I ought to hear more about the letter or form Jimmie got in Dacca. I am sorry to hear Edith has been so unhelpful but she is old maidish - she can't help it, I suppose. Don't let it worry you - our Aunt Jane was just the same. I am glad Michael is turning out well. Joy and Alastair dinner dancing at the Caley! - my word - you and I never got that length!! Joy says she wishes you could get a resident maid - I do too - these daily maids are never very satisfactory but I suppose it's almost impossible to find one these days.
I see I said I didn't write on Sunday because I was lazy - I had forgotten the reason. I was very busy - I spring cleaned the flat as it was the last day on my own - Fisher came back on Monday evening after 7 weeks in hospital - he had an operation for hernia. - delayed several weeks as they couldn't get sterilised dressings from town. The money came in at last on Wednesday so I was busy yesterday paying out 18,050 Yen. I got it all done in one day - I must be better for I didn't feel nearly so tired after it all as I have on previous occasions. I am to have another blood count tomorrow.                             No more tonight.  Cheero       L.O.      B.