24 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

24 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Wed, 24 Dec 1941

Little One Darling,

No news yet this morning - a fairly quiet night - we were invaded by about 30 P.W.D men last night - I had gone over the building with Nicol and had said of course we'd do what we could for them. Purves rang up later and said 6 or 7 were coming - it was dark when they came. I was sorry for them but they were noisy! We are holding our own I think - water is the serious problem. This day last year! - what heavenly  bliss! - as I write 9.30 am I was just about getting off the ship. What excitement! Well there will be all the excitement of our next meeting and we must just look forward to that. The C.S. is coming to see us this morning.     B.

I heard from the C.S. today that the boat N.L. was on and I hope also my Christmas parcel got through safely to Singapore. I do so hope my parcel was on it - and that it has reached you - I shall think of you all tomorrow of course - I should be happier if I knew you had got it - I can only pretend that I know to hope. I think I'll try and find out. I phoned up the Post Office and after making some enquiries around the Deputy Supt. of Parcels tells me that he is sure it was on that boat. I am so glad and I shall have a much happier Christmas for I think you will like what I sent. Oh! I am cheered up. I never enquired before as we were all sure the ship was sunk!  And wondered if N.L. had survived. Cheers!   

Very little action today but a shell hit N.T.C. away up in the corner - an amazing thing - there was no explosion and only a little glass broken. We have searched and can find no fragments of shell etc. And so we are convinced that it came in and went out again. They have fired a lot of duds - one was found to have been made in Britain in 1918! I hear that 152 is still o.k. but a shell hit 151 in Ralston's flat. ((151 & 152 The Peak, part of the Homestead Flats & Houses.))

What a Christmas eve this is, however, compared with last year's - next one I am sure will be gloriously happy again. Just keep hoping Darling and do try so hard to keep well. - all of you. For I need you all so much. So we must be all fit and well and we shall have some glorious years yet.

All my love for all time.   Billie.