25 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

25 Dec 1941, W J Carrie's wartime diary

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Thu, 25 Dec 1941

CHRISTMAS 1941   10.30am    Loved One, many many more may we see together.

Amah has deserted us - I am so angry - she came and told me last night she wanted to sleep downtown as her sister couldn't sleep on the floor - and I said yes.  I didn't see her take her box away or I'd have known.  Wait till I see her!  Things don't seem to be going very well.  and I'm afraid I'm a wee bit down in the dumps  on this of all mornings.  But you can't help it.  H.E. sent out an encouraging message but things look rather  black for us at present.

Later - 6pm.  Darling - I heard about 4 - just before I went off to see Bertie - oh!  the humiliation and I am so sorry for you  hearing about it for you will think it will be much worse than I expect it will be.  I'll carry on in the next.   B.B

Little One Darling,  
The Cease fire was ordered at 3.25 but there is still some shelling going on - just started up and a plane has just dropped a bomb but it will soon all stop. D.O.K. what will happen to us - I should imagine we will be ordered to carry on our ordinary jobs for the present. I don't think they'll intern us or take us to Japan but you never can tell. It is no use my telling you not to worry for it will be a terrible time for you until it is all over. But we must stick it Darling and we shall have many happy years together yet. I can't write more so Goodnight Darling.   B.