The Monument (1st location) [1908-1969]

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Notes from Moddsey:

The Monument was a granite obelisk that was erected at the corner of Gascoigne and Jordan Roads in memory of the French sailors who lost their lives as a result of the foundering of the Torpeo Boat 'Fronde' near the Torpedo Depot, Kowloon during the great typhoon of 18 September 1906. During the 1950s, the Monument was re-located to the 'Colonial' Cemetery in Happy Valley.

More info in this blog about the historical connections between Hong Kong and France.

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The Monument was unveiled on 14th May 1908. The event was described on page 3 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1908-05-15 :

The "Fronde" Memorial
At 5p.m. yesterday afternoon, on King's Park Range, Kowloon, the unveiling of the memorial to the sailors of the French torpedo boat destroyer Fronde, who perished in the typhoon of 8th September, 1906, took place. Shortly before 5 o’clock, a detachment of sailors from H.M.S. Monmouth, the French cruiser Alger and the gunboat Argus arrived, headed by the Band of the Middlesex Regiment, and immediately formed round the memorial, around which was a display of bright-coloured flags. There was a large number of ladies and gentlemen present to witness the ceremony, among whom were:-
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After I inquired through the web site of the French Consulate General, I received a prompt reply from Mr. Kam, the press officer,

'The ceremony will take place on Thursday 5 July 2018 at 11am at the monument in the Happy Valley Cemetery. All are welcome to join. An announcement will be posted to our website soon.'