Photos of Hong Kong Club Annexe [1903-c.1966] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong
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Photos of Hong Kong Club Annexe [1903-c.1966]

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1902: Pg.87: Trappings of Authority

1907: 1900s Royal Naval Dockyard

1910: 1910s Hong Kong Club Annex

1910: 1910s Hong Kong Cricket Club Pitch and Hong Kong Club

1927: 07 Hilly Hong Kong The Harbour

1934: 1930s Murray Parade Ground

1935: 1935 Over Central Victoria Harbour

1940: Hong Kong, lawn with tennis court

1950: Buildings around the cricket pitch

1952: 1952 Hong Kong Cricket Club

1953: Coronation Procession

1953: Coronation Procession

1954: 1954 Hong Kong Cricket Club (Chater Road)

1955: 1950s Central Panorama

1963: c.1963 View over Admiralty and Central towards Stonecutters Island

1963: 1963 Central Aerial View

1965: HK cricket club