03 Apr 1943, Diary of George Gerrard in Stanley Internment Camp Hong Kong

Submitted by Alison Gerrard on Sat, 11/17/2018 - 14:42

The weather this week has been awful, wind and rain and very cold, the usual way with the month of March, however it is most likely that warmer days will come soon again.

Nevertheless I'll be jolly glad when the news of repatriation comes along for dearest I'm heartily sick of this life, the chow and everything. I seem to have taken a scunner to rice these days and tho' I know it is necessary to take some to keep going, still there is that feeling of dislike. I much prefer the rice I make up at night-time for our supper which has less salt and sugar in it and is well strained and boiled and pleasant to eat.

The news is still good especially in North Africa which should be cleared up soon. I went to the 4 o'clock service on Sunday with J.F. and this evening D.B.B. and I were at his place for our usual Saturday chat.

I was very fortunate today for the Chinese Supervisor gave me 50 Yen which had been sent by Hoo Cheong Wo and Co. and in the afternoon I got a parcel from the Mei Lee Ironworks per Chang Chai Sze, 25 Pine Street, Kowloon containing 1 tin pork and beans, 1 tin mushroom and duck, 1 tin sweet corn, 1 tin preserved plums, 1 tin jam and 1 packet of sugar and this lot goes into our Mess larder.

I was quite concerned about the 50 Yen from H.C.W. and spoke to J.F. about it. He also received the same from H.C.W. I wanted either to give the money to him for distribution amongst our staff or else give the other five 10 Yen each, that is D.B.B., C.W.C.C. ((probably George Wiiliam Calder Craig)), M.D.M. ((probably Norman Dunn Meffan)), T. Marsh ((not sure who this is)) and H.S. However J.F. wants to think about it and will speak to me later on.

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