David Boyd McKenzie BONE (aka Davie) [1888-1972]

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David Boyd McKenzie
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Logie, Rosshire
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A.G. - Are you able to put up a potted biography of Davie Bone ? I remember hearing his name in the 1950s, but not sure in what context. Probably a shipping connection. Possibly Taikoo Docks ? Thanks - Geoff 

He first appears in the Jurors Lists in 1920:

c Bone David Boyd McKenzie Draughtsman Taikoo Dockyard         Quarry Bay

The work must have suited him, as he appears with almost the same entry in the list for 1941, 21 years later:

c   Bone, David Boyd McKenzie Draughtsman, Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co. of H.K., Ld. Quarry Bay.

He appears to have been b. Logie Rosshire son of Robert Houston and Lexie Bone

He is on shipping lists (Ancestry):
the Kitano Maru 1919 from London to Singapore
the Malwa 1926 from Southampton to Shanghai

In 1919 he is draugtsman 30 with his wife Marion 28 and daughter Betty 2; he is alone in 1926

There is a David Boyd McKenzie Bone living in Balgowlah, NSW between 1954 and 1968 (Australian Electoral Rolls). He is living with an Elizabeth Gray Bone and appears to be retired as no occupation is recorded.

There are quite a few deaths for David Bones - cannot identify one for the NSW one straight off; needs further investigation.

Cheers, Jay

Edit: Found another entry for the Cathay 1937 arriving London, embarked Hong Kong:
David BM Bone draughtsman 48
Elizabeth Bone home duties 40
Betty Bone typist 20
Christine Bone pupil 16
Their address is given as Scotsburn Villa, Saltburn, Invergordon, Rosshire, Scotland
So it appears Marion has died or she and David split, and the David in NSW could be your man.

David's death:

David Boyd M Bone d.7 Sep 1972 St Leonards, NSW son of Robert Houston and Alexis (NSW deaths No.1972/56770

Thanks for all the info Sinebeg - some very impressive sleuthing !

I can now connect the pieces - my family returned to Australia from HK in 1959 and settled at Balgowlah Heights in Sydney. I recall my father, who was likewise ex-Taikoo but a quarter century younger than Davie, calling in on someone ex-HK and also living in Balgowlah around that time. 

Geoff W.