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Norman Dunn MEFFAN [1890-1977]

Norman Dunn
Birthplace (town, state): 
Birthplace (country): 
c.1977-12-31 (Month, Day are approximate)

Entry in 1941 Jurors List:

c   Meffan, Norman Dunn Foreman, Taikoo Dockyard & Engineering Co. of H.K., Ld. Quarry Bay.


Norman Dunnn MEFFAN aged 22 born Arbroath Scotland 4th engineer sailed from Glasgow aboard SS Asyanax to Sydney Australia in 1913  . There were no passengers listed only crew.

On 12 February 1937 Norman MEFFAN arrived in London en route for Bannockburn Scotland. with his wife Helen aged 39  and children Elinor aged  10, Norman  aged 8, and Ronald aged 2. The family had departed from Hong Kong.

In September 1937 Norman MEFFAN returned to Hong Kong without his family.

In 1945 Helen Dunn MEFFAN aged 47 born Bannockburn Scotland housewife sailed from Sydney to New York in transit (possibly to Hong Kong)  accompanied by her sons Norman Ian MEFFAN aged 17 student born Victoria Hong Kong and Reginald Muirhead MEFFAN aged 10 student born Victoria Hong Kong. No mention of Elinor MEFFAN

In 1945 Norman MEFFAN age 55 engineer left Brisbane for Liverpool en route to Hong Kong

I see I have been beaten to the punch with some of this, but posting anyway:

Norman Dunn Meffan
b 1890 Arbroath Forfarshire (Angus) (Ref 272/318 Arbroath)
d 1977 Stirling Stirlingshire (Ref 474/347 86y Stirling mother maiden name Caird)
son of Richard Landscrown Meffan shoemaker salesman and Harriet Small Caird
1901 census: 41 Millgate Ln, Arbroath, with parents and siblings Lizzie 13, Harry 4

He then appears as crew on some ships (Ancestry):
- Nov 1911 Cyclops, Liverpool to Tacoma, Washington (WA), 21 7th engineer
- Jun 1912 Cyclops. Union Bay, British Columbia (BC) to Seattle, WA, 22 7th engineer
- Jun 1912 Cyclops, Victoria BC to Tacoma WA, 22 7th engineer
- May 1913 Astyanax, Sydney, NSW from Glasgow. 22 engineer, Arbroath
- Nov 1918 Castalia, Port Said to Glasgow, 28 engineer, 19 Kent Avenue Jordanhill Glasgow

As a passenger:
- Jan 1925 Kashgar, London to Hong Kong, 34 engineer, Colville Place, Arbroath, Last residence British empire Intended residence China
- Dec 1931 Naldera, London to Hong Kong, 40 engineer, Kerseview, Bannockburn, , with Helen 34, Elinor 5, Norman 4 Last residence British empire Intended residence China
- Feb 1937 Rajputana, Hong Kong to London, 47 engineer, Kerseview, Bannockburn, Stirling, with Helen 39, Elinor 10, Norman 8, Ronald 2; Last residence Hong Kong, Intended residence Scotland
- Sep 1937 Comorin, London to Hong Kong, 37 engineer, c/o Muirhead, "Kerreview", Bannockburn, Scotland Last residence Scotland, Intended residence Hong Kong
- Dec 1945 Tamaroa, Hong Kong to Liverpool, 55 engineer, Kersieview Bannockburn Last residence Hong Kong, Intended residence Hong Kong
- May 1950 Patrocus, Hong Kong to Liverpool, 59 engineer, Kerseview, Bannockburn, with Helen Dawn/Dunn 52, Ronald R 15. Last residence Hong Kong, Intended residence Scotland

FamilySearch's 'United Kingdom, Merchant Navy Seamen Records, 1835-1941' has him included for Military Service 1918-1921

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