Sai Kung Guerrillas – The 1942 to 1945 Resistance

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Hi, I am Felix Chanduloy, nephew of Andrew Chan BAAG agent no.78. He was among the agents 'captured' by the Reds at Camp X, and tortured, until release was arranged with BAAG. Andrew went on a mission in late 1943 to Indo-China with Agent 68 Lui La Yin aka Li Fong. Andrew returned alone, and Lui La Yin went missing, presumed dead. Uncle Andrew had promised Lui to take care of his wife Josephine and daughter Mabel should anything happen to him. On his return to BAAG base, he did just that, and married Auntie Josephine, and took Mabel as his own daughter, until he died in 1983.
My cousin Mabel is now in her late 80's, and because neither my uncle nor my Aunt spoke of their wartime experience, Mabel had spoken years back in Australia with Ms Elizabeth Ride about her natural father, but there was no information available as to what happened on the mission.
My cousin called me about 4 months ago to ask if I had any information. It just so happened that I have for many years been researching my family tree, and had been in correspondence with Ms Ride regarding my two uncles' BAAG work. I found that Mabel's father is remembered in Sai Wan Memorial Cemetery, and it just so happened that I was going to HK the week after Remembrance Sunday. So I promised cousin Mabel to lay a wreath for her.
Meanwhile, Ms Elizabeth Ride has been helping me with my research into Uncle Andrew and Lui La Yin, providing advice and uptodate references for her father's documents and from her own opus, in the National Archives in Kew Gardens, at the HKU and the Kadoorie Collection in China Light.
I am writing to you because quite a few years back I read your post re uncle Andrew's MEB. And just this week, Ms Elizabeth Ride sent me these 2 pieces of information in my research on cousin Mabel's father:
-Note by unknown:
People who knew Lui Kar Yin: Wan Cheung, detective (characters)(lived at Tai Po Chai village along Clear Water Bay Road), Ho Yau, Wan Tong (Chinese Maritime Customs).
-Note by Col Clague:
Clague 1949: “People who may be able to identify [68] are Wang Cheun a Police constable attached to Tsim Sha Tsui when last heard of.
I should be most grateful to you, seeing your connection with the Police Force, if you could provide me with any contact information for the Policemen mentioned in Ms Ride's letter.
Ever so grateful for your patience and any help with my Cousin Mabel's quest, and my own as well.
Felix Chanduloy