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11 Magazine Gap Road Ruin

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Ruin of 5 Magazine Gap Road

1945 Looted house

Text on Flickr: Green Island Cement Co manager House looted by Jap. (Source: the photographer)

Ma Tau Kok Gas Works and Gas Holder in the back.

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This document infers Japanese aircraft were stationed in the New Territories as well as Kai Tak

Illustrated London News-bombing of Hong Kong

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A page spread from an original Illustrated London News dated February 1942.

Some of these images of the bombing around Kai Tak we have seen before in various qualities and from a number of sources.

An account of Hong Kong leading up to the Japanese invasion in 1941

"A Voyage to War: An Englishmans's Account of Hong Kong 1936-41" by Hugh Dulley

A brief description of the book:-

Hugh Dulley’s father (Peter Dulley) and mother (Therese Sander) met in Hong Kong on New Year’s Eve 1935. Four years later at the outbreak of war, Peter, a weekend sailor, was called up in the Hong Kong Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. He eventually graduated to command an ocean-going tug of 500 tons from Hong Kong to Aden. En route he called at islands still enjoying pre-war peacetime and navigated across the Indian Ocean using a sextant.

06 Dec 1941, INTERNED - DECEMBER 1941

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Saturday, December 6, 1941
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We were dancing in the Rose Room of the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong on the evening of Saturday the 6th December, 1941.  During the evening an announcement was made on the loudspeaker, recalling all service personnel to report to their headquarters immediately.  It was an ominous sign that war with Japan was close at hand.


Deacription of the internment at Stanley Camp during the Second World War.


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