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Tantallon Terrace Hung Hom Docks [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

I am looking for any information or photos of the eight quarters in Tantallon Terrace  in Hung Hom that were build for dockyard management in 1905. I believe they were demolished in the mid 1980s. Thanks

Photos that show this place


I had a look in Austin Coates's book Whampoa: Ships on the shore, but didn't see any mention of it or photo.

Can you identify its rough location on a modern map, so we know where it was?

Are these the quarters?

1930s Whampoa Dockyard Staff Quarters
1930s Whampoa Dockyard Staff Quarters, by Eternal1966

Yes, that's Tantallon Terrace quarters. Or part of it. By the 1970s Tantallon had been converted into eight large appartments. The tennis courts became a bowling green (ho hum!) and a swimming pool. Demolished in the 80s I believe. Many thanks for finding this photograph.

Les, I missed a section about the quarters later in Coates's book. I've posted it to https://gwulo.com/node/41199, along with a photo of the area.

I think the photo Moddsey posted probably shows the terrace I've marked (g) on the photo, next to the tennis courts and named Waverley or Albion Terrace. The terraces all look to be a similar design though, so the Tantallon Terrace building would have looked very similar.

Is this somewhere you lived in?

Regards, David

I lived at Tantallon Terrace in 1979, the house at the far end so presumably No. 1.  I have a coloured two-page article from The Hong Kong Tatler (undated but probably 1980) showing the outside of the terrace and also inside Ted Turner's house as renovated.  Don't think it will scan too well but could try if you're interested and/or send it in the mail. I was so sad to see the terrace had gone, on my last visit to Hong Kong.