Admiralty Dock / No. 1 Dock [1888-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists
Date completed
(Day & Month are approximate.)

Position of marker is approximate.

Key dates, taken from page 120 of 'Whampoa Ships on the Shore' by Austin Coates:

  • 1883 - construction starts, designed to be 500 feet long
  • 1887 - completed sufficiently for entry
  • 1888 - completed, with extension to 550 feet long at the Admiralty's request
  • 1903 - lengthened to 576 feet
  • 1907-11 - lengthened again
  • 1931 - lengthened again
  • 1962 - extended to 700 feet in length
  • ???? - out of use
  • ???? - the Whampoa Garden estate concrete replica ship/department store was built on the site, with the basement levels built inside the old dry-dock basin.


Photos that show this Place


As indicated in the caption of the aerial view of the dockyard, this dock was not completely filled-in as the Whampoa Garden estate concrete replica ship/department store sits on top of it with the commerce going on down below in what was the dock basin. It's difficult now to envisage what was actually in the area since the hills were cleared and the dockyard infrastructure gone 

Hooray for old photographs!

Yesterday at lunch, my brother-in-law was talking about when he worked at this dockyard.

Every time they drained a dry dock, once all the water was gone there would be lots of fish left on the floor of the dock. If he was on night shift on that day, he remembered one of the perks was getting cooked fish as a nighttime snack!