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Olga BATEMAN [1901-1963]


I asked on the Stanley Camp discussion list:

I see she trained to join the Auxiliary Nursing Service (ANS): 

And Tony lists her with the ANS at the La Salle Relief Hospital during 
the fighting: 

But I don't see her on John Black's copy of the CWGC list of internees 
at Stanley. Does anyone know what happened to her?

And I'm guessing she was Carol Bateman's mother - can anyone confirm?

Tony Banham replied:

I can only speculate. Hargreaves Howell married Carol in Shanghai in the 1920s, and of course there were a lot of ‘white Russians’ in Shanghai at that stage. It seems that Olga was not interned, so it is feasible that she was Carol’s mother (and Russian by birth) who elected to join them in Hong Kong. 



Nicola writes:

There is an Olga Bateman nee Kornikova born about 1901 and married in Shanghai in early 1920s to (Capt) Robert William Bateman DSC born 1888 travelling to and fro HK before and after the War. He is listed as a Marine Supt and Shipping Manager at diffferent times, in 1947 with Matheson & Co. Could she be the one listed as ANS? She would be too young to be Carol Bateman's mother. They seem to have arrived in Liverpool from HK on the MV Glenapp (Hospital Ship I think) in August 1946. He's on your list Tony under unallocated RNR, POW card gives wife's address in Kowloon.

Passenger List departing in October 1952  from London to Hong Kong

Robert William Bateman age 64 shipping manager

Olga Bateman housewife 51

Passenger List arriving in London from Hong Kong in May 1959 showing

Olga Bateman born 11 July 1901. Country of which a citizen Hong Kong . The age ties in with the 1952 record.

However she is recorded as single on this voyage. Possibly a widow or a mistake in records?

Will 6815 of Olga Bateman 6 April 1963 - 4 September 1963. Olga Bateman died 27 August 1963 "To be buried by her husband at Gravesend " (Carl Smith Card 80587) Details of her will make no mention of "Carol",

Robert William Bateman born 24 November 1888 in Poplar London (Japanese Cards and Ancestry)

He died 7 July 1954 (Carl Smith Card 80589) and left all of his estate to his wife Olga Bateman. Will File 1954 dated 14 January 1948 R W Bateman of Gloucester Hotel Marine Superintendent Indo China Steam Navigation Company died 7 July 1954.

Probate Calendar UK 1963

Olga Bateman of 60 West Hill Sydenham widow died 27 August 1063 at 1 Carlton Road Ealing Middlesex. Probate London 12 November. Resealed Victoria Hong Kong 3 Fenruary 1964.