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Mid-Levels and HK University

Mid-Levels and HK University

Uploaded from "University of Bristol - Historical Photographs of China",  reference number: RB-t0872 .Uploaded with kind permission by the University of Bristol.


Photograph by Air Vice-Marshal A.L. Fiddament, taken during a round the world fact finding trip.  Caption in Fiddament's notebook: "Hong Kong - Bay (from W.A.D. Brook's Air House) 26/11/45".  Air Commodore W.A.D. Brook, AOC, RAF Hong Kong.  NB ruins of church.

Taken from the same house as this one. The ruins mentioned don't belong to a church but are the Main Building of Hong Kong University (as identified by moddsey).

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, November 26, 1945


The damaged building without the roof is actually the Hong Kong University, Main Building. A similar photo of the damaged building appears in Wikipedia.