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HMS Indomitable Sept 28 1945

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HMS Indomitable Sept 28 1945

Former Stanley internees sailing to the UK after liberation on the aircraft carrier, HMS Indomitable (click Zoom for a closer look). So far we've identified:

Second row:

  • 2a - Bruce Puckle

Third row:

  • 3f - Edith Townsend
  • 3i - Leslie Puckle

Fourth row:

  • 4g - Phyllis Irene Finch

If you can identify any of the other people, please let us know in the comments below.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, September 28, 1945


2a is Bruce Puckle, 3i is Leslie Puckle (nee Bremner)

I am delighted after years of searching to see an actual photograph of my aunt Edith Townsend aboard HMS Indomitable, 3f in the centre.

In the camp Edith shared room 84 with 2 other nurses Anne Senior and Mary Elizabeth Wilson (block 13). Do these names mean any thing to any one out there ?

Yours hopefully, Suzie Wager

I would love to find out more about her and where she was/what she was doing.  I have a passoprt extension signed by Gimson.  I have a small brochure of HMS Indomitable.   I am fairly certain she is 4g on the photo. 


Hello Helen,

Thanks for letting us know about your great aunt. I've made a separate page for her at to gather any more information about her.

Regards, David

Helen has scanned more photos of the Indomitable's journey from HK to UK carrying freed Stanley internees, and posted them to:

My aunt  returned to Hongkong after the war and eventually became Matron of the Matilda hospital . She kept a diary on her journey back  on the Indomitable , very interesting reading, but as it was  all written in pencil it is now very faded . When I find a way of making her story more easily readable I will  forward it. I wish there was someone out there who remembers her, she was an amazing person  and nurse , but sadly died in 1985 with many untold stories of her life in Hongkong during the war. Suzie

Hi Suzie,

I would love to see those diary notes/read the legible entries.  Such a precious family heirloom. Helen

Dear Suzie,

If you can scan a page of the diary and send it to me as a test (, I can see if it's possible to use the computer to darken the pencil marks and make them easier to read.

Regards, David 

Hi David..I scanned all the pages  some quite readable , but the paper is so thin that sadly little bits have torn off. Will forward asap  Suzie.