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Chin Heen AH TEUCK [1846-????]

Chin Heen
Ah Teuck
c.1846-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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I am new to this site so if my post is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it!  I am trying to find any record of one of my relatives CHIN HEEN AH TEUCK who was originally born in Canton in 1846 but married BRIDGET FITZGERALD in Melbourne, Australia in 1876.  They had a son FREDERICK JAMES born in 1876.  The last known record I have of them is aboard the ship BALFOUR, sailing for Hong Kong in October of 1876.  I do not know if their final destination was Hong Kong or China but I was wondering if there are any incoming passenger lists for Hong Kong for this year?  If anyone can point me in the right direction or offer any suggestions as to how I could further my search I would really appreciate that.




Here are some tips we've gathered for researching ancestors:

Does this family turn up again in Hong Kong later, or is that the only information you have?

Regards, David

Hi David,

Thanks for your quick reply and your link to the advice.

I have a letter sent from a Jackpoy Ah Tuck to his grandmother in Australia.  He was asking for permission to move to the United States as the family business Fook Sing Loong had failed and his parents had died. It was written from Hong Kong in 1899. I assume he was from the Ah Teuck family (with slight spelling change) and may be a sibling to Frederick Ah Teuck although I cannot be sure about this.  I'm afraid I don't have any further information so it may be best for me to follow the suggestion to create a name page.

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I've changed this page to be a Person page, so you don't have to type things in again.

I agree, Ah Tuck and Ah Teuck are probably the same name - it's not unusual to see Chinese names romanised in several different ways.

Regards, David

Hi There,

I suspect the name might have been messed up, lost in phonics and its presentation.  Anyway, Asians, especially those using Chinese Characters as written languages back then (even now) primarily put thir Family name first and then given name.

The Family name of the person involved could have been Chin.  That would make Heen Teuck the givening name.  Ah Teuck might simply be sort of equivalent to western pet names, similar to Chuck\Charles, Dave\David, etc.

Might be difficult to search.

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Thanks David for changing the page.

Thanks Tngan for your reply, I suspect you are right!