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James William OSBORNE [c.1843-1908]

James William
c.1843-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

He appears in the Jurors Lists.


Osborne William Hotel Keeper Bay View Hotel   Bay View Hotel


Osborne James William Hotel Keeper Bay View Hotel   Bay View Hotel

1899-1905, 1907:

Osborne John William Proprietor Kowloon Hotel       Kowloon

His death is reported on page 4 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1908-05-04:


Many in Hongkong will learn with regret of the death, which occurred at 12.30 this afternoon in the Kowloon Hotel, of Mr. James William Osborne, who for many years has been connected with the management of Hotels in the Colony. For some months Mr. Osborne had been very ill, and recently be gave up active work in connection with the Kowloon Hotel. With the object of regaining his health he proceeded to Australia, but there was no visible improvement in his condition and he returned to Hongkong recently in a very serious state. Little hope was held out for his recovery and the end came this afternoon.

Mr. Osborne was one of the best types of the coloured race hailing from the Southern States. Arriving in the Colony many years ago, he was associated with the late Mr. Thomas in the working of the Peak Hotel, and afterwards at Thomas's Grillroom, now known as the Oriental Hotel. The salubrity of the surroundings at Bay View induced the Government to build a hotel there which Mr. Osborne rented and converted into a popular pleasure rendezvous where all and sundry were wont to congregate. When the Government decided to take over Bay View for the purpose of utilising it as a police station Mr. Osborne migrated to Kowloon and there founded the establishment with which be was so long connected, the Kowloon Hotel. He was well and favourably known to the majority of people in Hongkong and his agreeable manner and general bonhomie gained for him hosts of friends. He was only 65 years of age. The funeral will pass the Monument at 5.30 tomorrow evening and it is expected there will be a large attendance of freemasons at the burial ceremonies.

His gravestone has this inscription:

Erected to the memory / of / James William Osborne / of / Kowloon / who died / May 4th 1908 / aged 65 years
B J & Co # 7334


Photos that show this person


So he was black (coloured) and from the US Southern States - and a Freemason. Intriguing.

Campbell, Moore and Co.
Campbell, Moore and Co., by annelisec

Director of a perfume shop in the Hong Kong Hotel.


In this photo titled "Andrew at the Kowloon Hotel - Hong Kong", the man third from the right has a dark complexion and is likely J W Osborne:

Andrew at the Kowloon Hotel - Hong Kong
Andrew at the Kowloon Hotel - Hong Kong, by nnStel


Well done