Kowloon Club / Kowloon Hotel (2nd location) [????-????]

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A 1901 Map (UK National Archive ref: CO 700-Hong Kong and China22) shows Kowloon Hotel on Elgin Road (today's Haiphong Road), roughly where the junction of Hankow Road is today. The lot is shown as IL 410.

Notification 453 in the 1893 Government Gazette shows it was previously called the Kowloon Club, but became the Kowloon Hotel in late 1893 / early 1894:

Special Sessions of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace will be held in the Justices' Room, at the Magistracy, on Tuesday, the 19th day of December, A.D. 1893, at Eleven o'clock in the forenoon, for the purpose of considering an application from one L.M.Lobo for the transfer of the Publican's licence now held by him for the sale of intoxicating liquors in the premises known as the "Kowloon Hotel" situate in Robinson Road, Tsim-tsa-tsui, to the premises known as the "Kowloon Club" situated in Elgin Road, Inland Lots Numbers 409, 410 and 411, Tsim-tsa-tsui.

H. E. Woodhouse,

Police Magistrate.

Magistracy, Hong Kong, 8 December, 1893.


Photos that show this Place


Moddsey has found these mentions:

From HKGRO Licensing Sessions, the address was given as

1908 30 Elgin Road

1910 29 Haiphong Road

"A new club at Kowloon was formally opened on Saturday afternoon (1 December) , when the building was very prettily decorated with flowers and evergreens. The club was duly named "The Kowloon Club". Mr. Braddon was chosen as the Chairman on the occasion, and Mr. C. P. Chater unanimously elected President, Messrs Dorabjee, Braddon, Mallory, Battles, Sayle and Stael were elected on the committee. The way in which the club grounds are laid out shows that its enterprising projector, Mr. Dorabjee (Nowrojee) possesses remarkably good taste, and it will prove a very pleasant and favourite resort for many of the residents on this side of the water when the day's work is finished. The healths of the gentlemen who kindly officiated as Chairman, Mr. Dorabjee, and success to "The Kowloon Club" were cordially drunk. The party broke up at a late hour, after spending a most enjoyable afternoon and evening."


(1) Hong Kong Daily Press 3 December 1877

(2) Carl Smith Collection at Government Records Service


(1) The building in which "The Kowloon Club" was located was not described as a new building.

(2) Mention is made in: https://gwulo.com/node/7351#17~22.29814~114.17214~Map_by_GovHK-Markers~100 that Mr. Dorabjee Nowrojee was also the proprietor of the Kowloon Hotel on Garden Lot No. 15. Not sure if the Kowloon Club and Kowloon Hotel were in the same building in 1876/77.

(3) K.I.L. Nos 409-411 appear to be within Garden Lot No. 15.


(4) In 1898, "The Kowloon Hotel" was reopened after refurbishment. Mention is made in the Hong Kong Telegraph (Scroll to Page 3) that "in a delightful garden on a hillock...., the building was originally a private house, then a sort of country club house and for the last three years or so it has done duty as Kowloon's only hotel......."