Whitfield Police Station / Bay View Hotel / Bay View Police Station - 20 Shaukiwan Road [????-????] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Whitfield Police Station / Bay View Hotel / Bay View Police Station - 20 Shaukiwan Road [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

From the Public Records Office:

1893 - From the Bay View Hotel, Application for an extention to the present lease.

1898 - Request permission by Mr. J. W. Osborne to sublet the Bay View Hotel

1903 Feb - Recommends the removal of the private reservoir behind the Bay View Hotel, or prohibition of the neighbouring Gardens

1903 - Oct - Re-occupation of the Bay View Hotel by the Police (From AG.Capt. Supt. of Police)

Various directories:

1892 - J. W. Osborne, proprietor
1894 - J. W. Osborne, proprietor
1902 - J. W. Osborne, proprietor
1904 - John Lacock, licensee

Photos that show this place


Police re-occupied the Hotel in 1903.

HK Telegraph 8 April 1891

J. W. Osborne was granted a publican's licence for the premises known as Whitfield Police Station, but now re-christened as the Bay View Inn, at Causeway Bay.

Boundary of the City of Victoria:

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1, In the construction of this ordinance, the term City of Victoria means the City of Victoria bounded as follows :—

On the north by the harbour,
on the south by the Pokfulalm and Taitam conduits.
on the east by a straight line drawn from Whitfield Police Station to the mouth of the Taitam tunnel, and
on the west by Mount Davis.

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7.           Whitfield Police Station has been vacated by the police and is now let for the purposes of an inn.

From the Report of the Director of Public Works for 1891