Arnold Cornelis OFFENBERG [1940-2015]

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Arnold Cornelis
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Hi David,

I've just discovered your site.

My name is Adrian Offenberg, eldest son of Arnold and grandson of Adrianus. Dad (Arnold Cornelis) was born 13/07/1940, and died 08/03/2015.

Tinneke is now the only living member of the family from WW2.

I'll start filling in further blanks regarding our family when I have some time.

My grandfather's business was shipping (Royal Interocean Line), and he was an avid amateur photographer. Our family retains all of his photos from their time in Hong Kong. Most have been scanned, and I shall upload a selection soon.

Best regards,


Hi Adrian,

Thanks for getting in touch. I'll look forward to reading more about your family's time in Hong Kong and Stanley, and to seeing your grandfather's photos.

One tip - if you click the "what links here" tab at the top of the page, you can see any pages that link to this one. eg Barbara Anslow's diary has a nice story about your father and aunt.

Regards, David

Thanks David,

Had found the link and already shared Barbara's diary entry with my family. We all had a great chuckle at that one. Dad and Anneke would have had a great laugh about it.

I Have shared the link to your site on the family Facebook page.

From our Family trees website in Holland I have the following information for you:

My Grandfather, Adrianus Cornelis Offenberg was born 03/04/1903 and died 16/03/1967.

His wife was Johanna Gerarda Maria Offenberg (née Van der Valk) born 14/02/1901 and died 24/10/1988.

Only once, when I was still young, at a Sunday family gathering (our monthly Nasi Goreng), did my Oma speak about the war years. The images and words of the horrific time the family endured at Stanley remain with me still. If only we could have recorded those couple of hours of her speaking!

I've looked at uploading some photos. Maybe I'm missing something, but can a photo be linked to a persons page data?



Hi Adrian,

Yes, it is good to connect a photo to the "Person" page for any of the people shown.

Here are a couple of videos showing how to connect a photo to a Place:

The approach is very similar, just use the "shows Person" instead of the "shows Place". Please let me know if you have any difficulty.

Regards, David

Thanks David for updating your website with the details I've provided.

I'll use both person and place. The Jurors list seems to show the address of my grandfathers workplace in Stanley, was this normal for the time? I understand that the family resided on the peak which is where they were on the first day of occupation.

Regards, Adrian