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C.E. Warren's friends, business associates and jockeys

Some of you may already know from my previous posts that I’ve been researching the life in Hong Kong of my grandfather Charles Edward Warren (1872-1923) and his eponymous company C.E. Warren & Co. (1901-1941). He died of pneumonia quite suddenly at his house, The Towers, Broadwood Road, aged 51, when my father was only 14 and at school in England. An obvious source to look for C.E. Warren’s friends and business contacts is the list of mourners and wreath givers at his funeral. David kindly posted his obituary notices at https://gwulo.com/atom/14577 and https://gwulo.com/atom/14578

 If I may, I’d like to take advantage of Gwulo’s hospitality to place queries about these people, some of whom were the “gentlemen jockeys” who rode his racehorses. I have photos of one or two. Perhaps one of their grandchildren or great-grandchildren may come across my queries in due course.



Hi Jill,

Sounds like they all had a strong connection to Hong Kong, so yes please, they'll be good to see. Please make a new "Person" page each time you start a new query (http://gwulo.com/node/add/person), and let's see what we can find out about them.

Regards, David


Thanks, David.

I didn't want to put up a series of enquiries of little interest to anyone else which didn't have any obvious unifying element such as internment in Stanley. Where possible, I've cross-checked with the Carl Smith cards, the jurors lists, and Patricia Lim's data base of cemetery inscriptions, but some names elude all three. The only binding factor is the June 1923 date - otherwise it's just a cross section of middle ranking Hong Kong society, who wanted their names to be associated with CE Warren & Co and with Charles Warren, who had been working in the Colony since about 1895 and been involved with quite a bit of its development.  

I'll post the queries one at a time. It may take me a while! Grateful for any responses whatever.


Already five years since I posted the above! I've been writing up the period just before my grandfather's death and have found a few more details about his friends and associates who turned out on a hot June day to follow his coffin - the names mostly unknown to me. Maybe they crop up in somebody else's family story. We shall see!