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Perfection Place 1-5, I. L. 2040 [????- ]

I’m intrigued by a deleted entry in the 1916-17 Rate Book that includes 1-5 Perfection Place among the jointly owned properties of my grandfather, C.E. Warren and his partner/brother-in-law, John Olson jnr. No. 1 Perfection Place is given as a “Dwelling” but has never been mentioned as an address for any of the members of the Warren or Olson family by my predecessors who trawled the accessible records to establish our joint family histories.

C.E. Warren's prestigous clients-HK Telegraph-18-01-1937

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C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd Hong Kong Daily Press Page 2 14th February 1925.png

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CE Warren ad 27:09:1929 HKT.png

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Thanks to moddsey for alerting me to this 1929 ad in the Hong Kong Telegraph for my family's company. It chimes in with the 1912 one uploaded by IDJ titled "monumentalists." I'm still not sure if the monumental masonry yard and the tile factory were at the same address. According to Jason Wordie's article, C.E. Warren & Co plaques on gravestones in countries outside Hong Kong are simply marked "Causeway Bay".

1922 C.E. Warren & Co Ltd Advertisement

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HK Telegraph dated 3 January 1922 refers. 

1940 Custom-Built Air Raid Shelter Advertisement

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HK Telegraph 13 August 1940 refers. See also here

William Kearley REYNOLDS [1889-1943]

William Kearley
c.1889-04-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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Wisbech, Cambridgeshire
c.1943-01-01 (Month, Day are approximate)
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William Kearley Reynolds is mentioned in the list of mourners at the funeral of my grandfather Charles Warren, immediately after his next of kin. The Jurors Lists of 1922-1924 give him as Secretary to C.E. Warren & Co. Ltd. His name eluded my cousin Brian Lewis when he was researching the history of the company. None of my family has ever mentioned it. Reynolds seems to have taken an administrative role in the company immediately after John Olson jnr left it.

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C.E. Warren's friends, business associates and jockeys

Some of you may already know from my previous posts that I’ve been researching the life in Hong Kong of my grandfather Charles Edward Warren (1872-1923) and his eponymous company C.E. Warren & Co. (1901-1941). He died of pneumonia quite suddenly at his house, The Towers, Broadwood Road, aged 51, when my father was only 14 and at school in England. An obvious source to look for C.E. Warren’s friends and business contacts is the list of mourners and wreath givers at his funeral.

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