Statue Square, Central [????- ]

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Photos that show this Place


We've been sent this photo of the square in the 1950s, showing the car park Booth mentions, together with the old Bank of China and HSBC buildings.

1950s Statue Square

here's a good shot of statue square in June 1948, still remaining much as Chater envisaged, though not for long. The empty plinths are clear to see

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an imperious Jackson is the sole survivor of Statue Square; and still is to this day. The Japanese have blacked out the inscription. Prince's building is being renovated in the background. March 1947

The square's name has changed over the years.

Showa Square was its name during the Japanese occupation. The other three seem to have been used interchangeably in the early years, with Royal Square falling out of use first, then Queen's Statue Square, leaving Statue Square as the winner.

Here are the years I found the words mentioned -

The original layout of the square had Wardley Street running north-south across the middle of the square. In the early 1960s the square was re-developed to form the gardens we see today, and Wardley Street disappeared.

A plaque on the wall on the south side of the square records the governor, Sir David Trench, opening the new gardens on 26th May, 1966:

Plaque: Statue Square Gardens
Plaque: Statue Square Gardens, by Admin

The gardens help to date photos of the square from the 1960s to before or after 1966.