Pillbox near Wanchai Gap [1940- ]

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Tim Ko's 'War Relics in the Green, ISBN: 962 993 295 4' has a section 'Wanchai Gap and Lady Clementi's Ride'. The map on that page shows three pillboxes. T has already added the one by the dam, and the one to the East of the reservoir. Here's the third.

If you walk down Aberdeen Reservoir Road from Wanchai Gap, a short way down a clear trail leads off to the left. The trail goes straight for a short distance, before u-turning back to the left. From memory, the Pillbox is on that bend.

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Wan Chai Gap PB, Wan Chai Gap

Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Intact
Date of last visit: Jul-1995
Ref: ROB-00694
Other: Sealed closed.

Visited this one this past weekend. Definetly one of the best condition PB's on the island. Almost all the original camoflauge exist, no siginficant damage on 95% of the structure and most of the metal is still there.

Its also not actually sealed up anymore. The rusted door is wedged in the way, with a small but impassable opening. I think it could be easily dug out, but I did not want to force my way in for fear of damaging the door (which still had many original features). I could see inside the small tunnel/hallway which was reasonably clear of debris, with the usual metals wallhooks, etc.

I dont know if the site would have been in action because of its location being somewhat removed from most of the japanese advances. Unless it was in action against latter Japanese advances on Bennetts Hill/Brick Hill. I suspect the soldiers could have been withdrawln somewhat early and replaced with auxilliaries?


As at July 2018, Of the 3 boxes around Aberdeen Reservoir and Wanchai Gap. It is possibe to get inside this one. It is well preserved Some rubbish left inside.

I think the pillbox experienced some action during the battle of Hong Kong, since on the 25th of December, the Japanese had control of Mount Nicholoson and Wanchai Gap. This pillbox would be behind front lines