Victoria / Hong Kong / St. George's / Kowloon Riding School [????-????]

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Current condition
Demolished / No longer exists

(Marker position is approximate)

Bob Tatz remembers the riding school was somewhere between Hung Hom and Kowloon City in the 1930s. 

Can anyone confirm where it was located?

Moddsey has traced the development of this site at

It has changed names several times over the years.

Photos that show this Place


Is this the same riding school that is mentioned in Betty Steele's diary? Writing about 1932/3, she says:

At  this  time  a  riding-school  was  started  at  Kai  Tak  in  Kowloon  by Captain  Daniloff,  a  White  Russian  ex-Cossack  Officer. I  joined  the  classes, with  Audrey,  Eve,  Margaret,  Rosemary,  Eileen  Bonnar, 
Edna  and  Kathleen. We  Hong  Kong  girls  were  not  much  good at  riding  the  frisky  China  ponies, because  most  of  us  got  thrown. Captain  Daniloff  must  have  been  most disappointed  in  us! I  was  the first  to  give  up  this  alarming  exercise,  and soon  for  us  the  riding  lessons  ended!