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A short ride in the paddock led by one of the hired hands. Don't know the exact location in Kowloon, and would appreciate suggestions from readers. The school was not in operation for long as far as I know - perhaps two or three years? The owner was my stepfather, and unfortunately he had an accident and died from his injuries. The business was shut down at that point. 

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I also understand that operations ceased sometime in 1937. It was operated by a Russian man, ex-cavalry, who had fled from the Russian Revolution and subsequent Civil War, like so many of the Russians did. I would appreciate it if moddsey can recall any information. Thanks. 


The following refers to a riding school in Kowloon.It would appear that the riding school went by different names and changed ownership along the way.

The proprietor of the Hong Kong Riding School was N. A. Rojdestvin. The school was located in Hung Hom. Exact location not known. HK Daily Press dated 10 May 1933 refers. From the news article, it is believed that the riding school commenced operation in 1932/1933. .

1933 Hong Kong Riding School, Ma Tau Wai
1933 Hong Kong Riding School - Ma Tau Wai, by Moddsey


In 1934, the proprietor of the Hong Kong Riding School was Colonel D. O. Rosikie with the school located in Ma Tau Kok, Kowloon City. China Mail dated 4 April 1934 refers


1936 St. Georges Riding School, Ma Tau Wai Road
St. Georges Riding School, Ma Tau Wai Road. HK Telegraph 8 April 1936.

In  October 1936, a road was proposed from Argyle Street to Tam Kung Road in To Kwa Wan which required the widening and surfacing of the path from the approach road to the Central British School (King George V School) to the Riding School, a length of about 300 to 400 yards to provide a connection between Kowloon Hospital/Kowloon Tong and To Kwa Wan/Hung Hom. HKGRO refers.

In 1937, a further change of propreitorship occurred with an address at Ma Tau Wai Road given. The school was known as the Kowloon Riding School. HKGRO refers.

In 1939, a Health Department order was issued for the riding school at Ma Tau Wai Road to find other suitable premises on account of a refugee camp (Ma Tau Chung?) situated adjacent to the school. HK Daily Press 16 March 1939 refers.

Given the above, I guess the location of the riding school was located near today's Ma Tau Wai Estate.

The Hong Kong Riding School (situated on Tai Hang Road between Stubbs Road and Broadwood Road) , Equine Sports Club (situated in Sha Tin) and the Cottage Club (situated in Sheung Shui) were also present in the late 1930s.


I want to thank moddsey for researching the above, which I found most interesting. The change of proprietership in 1937 makes sense because that was the year the original owner had an accident off a horse and died. I understand that Rodjestvin was buried in  the Colonial Cemetery in Happy Valley, something I intend to look into when I visit Hong Kong this year in early November. This also makes sense because our address at the time was at 98 Argyle Street.

David, I wonder if you could give moddsey my email address as I want to give him credit for this information which I expect to add to my book "in preparation".

I am impressed with the quality of the postings I see almost on a daily basis, especially since I am quite a nerd when it comes to computers.


I am curious to know if the HK Riding School or the Central British School of Riding had availed themselves of an instructor who was German and taught his lessons in German?

After reading much on the Gwulo responses I believe my mother ( Helen B. Histed), not only kept her horse there but also,received,lessons in horsemanship at the Central British School of Riding.

This occurring in the years 1936-1937 and Helen residing in a home on Austin Avenue.

The Austin Avenue address being documented in a book she kept in which birthdays were recorded.


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Some more info: Hong Kong Daily Press 16th March 1939 page 7

The Kowloon Riding School was still in existence in March 1939 on Ma Tau Wei Road. The followig article mentioned that the school, formerly under the control of Miss Joan Old (the original organiser) and Mrs. Barbara Cooper, changed hands in February 1939 to Mrs Cooper and Mrs Shelia Bedell. They were suddenly told to move premises by the Health Department by May 1939. The reason was that the Riding School was adjacent to a refugee camp and the authorities feared the risk of an epidemic to the refugees with the onset of summer due to the proximity of the two premises. 

At that point they were contemplating the move to a location on Boundary Street across from the Polo Club.


A photo of Young Master Tatz on his sturdy steed at Capt Litvinoff's training stables appears here Scroll to page 47. 

An advertisement for riding lessons apears in the HK Sunday Herald dated 21 November 1937 : Capt Litvinoff gives riding lessons by latest system of Equitation, trains horses for all purposes. Training jockeys for races, steeplechasing etc - his speciality. 241 Nathan Road.

(As noted here ,  Bob gives the same address above. Photos of Litvinoff on his horse appear in the HK Sunday Herald dated 7 November 1937.)