George Hunter CAUTHERLEY [1904-1991] | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

George Hunter CAUTHERLEY [1904-1991]

George Hunter
Birthplace (town, state): 
Royston, Herts
Birthplace (country): 
c.1991-08-01 (Day is approximate)

Dates supplied by his son.

He is mentioned in the 1941 Jurors list:

c   Cautherley, George Hunter Banker, H. K. & Shanghai Bank 10 The Peak.

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In volume III of Frank H H King's history of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, on page 325 there is a table of the members of the various family branches on my father's side who worked in the bank and gives a flavour, though not entirely complete, as there were some other members of branches of my father's family with Hong Kong connections.

Frank H H King's history of HSBC also mentions G H Cautherley in connection with Vandeleur Grayburn smuggling money into Stanley Camp:

The funding of internees - Talbot discovered

Both parcels and money could be sent in to internees openly through the Foreign Affairs Department, but the donor had to be listed. Since Grayburn was making frequent representations to the authorities on the inadequacy of the official allowances, it was difficult for the Sun Wah group to claim to be the remitters of all the funds and parcels; even when Portuguese and Chinese staff members volunteered to sign as donors the amounts had become unbelievable. It was only a matter of time before the authorities would enquire as to the source of funds.

To forestall this Grayburn sought ways to send in funds secretly and this was done successfully on three occasions, all of which involved an internee being outside Stanley for a period and returning, thus permitting the interchange: for example, G.H. Cautherley came to the French Hospital for an X-ray, and the wife of J.T. Dupuy was sent to Stanley for internment only in November 1942.


This must have been a risky activity to undertake. I asked G H's son (also named George) if his father had ever given him any more information about this, but unfortunately he says his father never mentioned the incident.