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Cycling in Hong Kong

Hi Everyone, I am interested in the history of cycling in Hong Kong. I am sure cycling was very common at some time in the past, but obviously the practice has not really survived. I'd love to know why? Is it because the people preferred cars? Is it because the governments didn't choos to accomodate cycling with its infrastructure?

I can imagine Nathn Road, and Hennessey Road being full of bicycles, and its really a pity it isnt that way now.


I'd also love to see pictures of cycling in Hong Kong from the past, if anyone has any can you please share, or point me towards where I can see some.



We see the odd bicycle in old photos, eg in last week's photo there's a small crowd on the beach. The only one in a dark jacket is standing astride his bicycle.

There's another mention on the Nathan Road photo:

The first mention I found of a collision along Nathan Road didn't involve any motor vehicle at all: In 1922 a drunk cyclist collided with a police constable! (China Mail, 1922-4-20, page 1)

But the roads here never had the crowds of cyclists you saw in mainland China.

Please let us know what you discover,

Regards, David


Cycling was popular in Hong Kong as early as 1870. The first organised race took place in February that year. If you look at the Hong Kong Daily Press of Feb 18 and 19, 1870, you'll find a couple of reports of the event. At least one cyclist rode a Hong Kong-made machine. See the 'Where to find Hong Kong's history' link at the top of the page for instructions about how to find the right newpaper edition.



Studio photo.


Thanks for the replies, maybe cycling was never as popular here as in China.  I will endevour to find out more.

According to Sam Chu, founder of the Hong Kong Vintage Cycle Club, up to the 1970s, cycling was an ubiquitous part of Hong Kong, used for deliveries all over town, and journeys into China.  He says that Hong Kong’s prosperity grew on the back of bicycles, adding that in the 1960s and 1970s Hong Kong also had a bike manufacturing industry.

See him and a bit about HKVCC:

HKVCC is on Facebook:

Thanks for the links. I recognise the brands from old bikes I saw in the UK in the 1970s &80s.

Breskvar shared some interesting memories from his Grandfather about the old tricycles that were used as mobile sales for On Lok Yuen:

Regards, David

I have done some research on cycling history in Hong Kong, including collating older news articles. Please contact me at and we can see how to help each other. Hopefully at least a few articles on gwulo related to cycling history?

I'm no expert, but it seems that from the evidence here, cycling was something mainly centered around business's. Bikes for hauling cargo, or a platform for selling goods. Which in many respects is still represented on the streets today {hauling cargo.} It's also represented by the design of a lot of bicycles we see on the road. Mostly we see cargo bikes, and overly build work horses. I don't think I have seen a traditional style step through frame on the roads here. 

It does not seem that bikes were used a lot by people for transport. Just an assumption, but maybe bicycles were associated with the working class, and over time, this association has been their demise. 

Thanks for the message. I've just sent you an email, but any articles about cycling history in Hong Kong will be welcome.

If anyone has any historic Hong Kong cycling photos they can upload, please give them the tag bicycle, and they'll be added to this page:

Regards, David

Hi Cyclotripper,

I am interested in getting together with you and David to talk about cycling history in Hong Kong. please contact me on and we can arrange it.




This is very very very important and need your help urgently. I really urgently need this reference. Please help!

The source is given above: China Mail, 1922-4-20, page 1

Here's how to look up a newspaper for a given date:

If that has helped, please contribute something back to Gwulo.