Commemorative flag for Scouts Cycle to Canton & Macao 1935

Wed, 01/06/2021 - 15:23

Commemorative flag made for the Wah Yan College HK boy scouts cross-country bicycle journey from Hong Kong to Chungshan / Zhongshan and Macao on December 1935. 

The writings at the lower half are written by staff/pupils from the schools that the bicycle group have visited along the way. Transcribe (and translate wherever possible) from the top, left to right as below:

  • 範我馳驅 -- 澳門粵華中學  (Ride well with integrity -- Yuet Wah College Macao)
  • 總理故鄉紀念中學校 中國童軍團  (Premier's Home Town Memorial Middle School Scouts of China)
  • 努力邁進 -- 澳門崇實中學校  (Work hard and ride on -- Chong Shi Middle School Macao)
  • 廣州知行中學校 中國童子軍一零一二團 (Canton Zhi Xing Middle School, Scouts of China 1012th Group)


Date picture taken
1 Dec 1935