Craig Family History in China in 1900's onwards.

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I am searching for any details or interesting stories or pictures of people and places that may be related to my family history.  The surname i am researching is CRAIG, and in particular the following people, whom i have listed their dates of birth next to them as some were born in Hong Kong.  if anyone has anything even remotely interesting i would be very grateful.  Thankyou in anticipation. x.

Mr Alan Owen Craig - born 17th February 1914 at Victoria View Terrace, Kowloon, H.K.

Mr Ernest Wharton Craig - born 19th October 1916 in Sum Chun, H.K.

Mr Albert Harold Craig - born 2nd January 1918 at Matilda Hospital H.K.

Also the Parents of the Above : Mr Ernest Thomas Craig & Mrs Emma Craig (nee Owen).

They lived at 121 Meadows Road, Tiensin. for a while. any leads, or pictures or information would be gratefully recieved.  thankyou.

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There is a record dated 1925 for Albert H. Craig of the Chinese Customs, Chefoo in the Carl Smith Archive, card no. 91673. I haven't ordered these myself from the UK, but I believe the system is that you can do so through the Public Records Office by means of bankers' draft. As this is rather expensive, it's best to wait until you can order several cards together.