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1 Sep 1945, Barbara Anslow's diary

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Sat, 1 Sep 1945

Worked busily in morning.  ((The large room on the ground floor of the French Mission became the general office, where we girls typed among telephones and noisy comings and goings of various Govt. people who were working there too.  Some of the rooms on the first floor were offices for our bosses.  The top floor rooms served as billets for us staff)).

A relieving forces fellow (Yeoman of Signals) presented us with two 4oz packets chocolate each.  Sent one packet into family via Tony Sanh.

Letter from Olive saying she's been sent to work at camp hospital again, and that some internees have been in movies which are taken at Stanley.

In afternoon, shopping with Nancy.  We bought Dutch Baby Milk (Yen 100).  In Asia Company ((in Des Voeux Road, our family's pre-war compradore i.e. grocer)) met Mr. A. B. Allan ((Naval Dockyard, a great buddie of my Dad's)) and Mr Ebbage.  Mr. Allan insisted we had an ice cream and a glass of cider with him.  Also at table was Mr Campbell of Royal Scots, he said it's feared that Arthur Alsey may have been lost on the 'Lisbon Maru' ((we learned later that he was rescued)).

Letter from Mum saying that 66 folk are going on the hospital ship from Stanley, she is lying off jetty.

The following is from a letter I sent to my Mother:-

'Mr Allan is moving into the Dockyard tomorrow and has promised to scrounge me some film magazines.  Did you get the chocolate I sent, and if so, wasn't it nice?  The funny thing about town is the lack of traffic, especially buses.  A few stray crackers are being let off from time to time; not many Chinese people about, but quite a number of troops, ex pows.'