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Herbert ANGUS (aka Ginger) [c.1909-????]

Alias / nickname: 
c.1909-01-01 (Year, Month, Day are approximate)

DoB from John Black's list, which gives Mr Angus's occupation in 1941 as "Civil Servant".



Is it possible that Herbert Angus was married to Sue Angus? It's possible that my grandparents knew them as they would have been contemporaries - and I have some paintings by a Sue Angus. Just wondering whether our painter was Herbert Angus's wife. 

In Brian's "Note on the Angus Family" he writes:

After the war [Herbert] married an Australian woman, Sue.

I don't know if she was a painter, but I knew her as for a time in 1947 she worked in the same office as I did in Hong Kong, with the Department of Supplies Trade and Industry. Also, she and her husband Ginger Angus happened to be in Australia on leave when Frank and I were married there, and they came to the wedding:

Barbara-Wedding-Scan0039.jpg, by Barbara Anslow

Sue is the tall lady 2nd from left at the back of the attached photo, Ginger is the very tall fellow at the back.

I remember Sue as very energetic and always full of fun.  She used to show us in the office letters from her mother in Australia, as the letters were usually in the form of amusing poems.   Wish I could help about the paintings.
Regards Barbara

Dear Barbara,

This is wonderful - thank you! There is also a tall couple at my grandparents' silver wedding party in 1959 and I am wondering whether it was the same people? The photos are at http://gwulo.com/atom/26663 and http://gwulo.com/atom/26662

I don't see Ginger Angus in any of the groups at Crozier's wedding anniversary.  I didn't know the Croziers tho remember the name.

Thank you for checking anyway! 

We also have a painting by Sue Angus and she was married to Ginger Angus.