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Pak Sha Wan Battery BOP, Lye Yue Mun [1911- ]

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Year completed is: Approximate
Condition at last visit: Ruin
Date of last visit: Dec-1997
Ref: ROB-00219
Other: Wrecked by shellfire 1941


I've seen some ruins of battery below Victoria Road underneath trees within the compound of the mysterious house which was used by Special Branch of the RHKP in the past. It was referred to as Lung Fu Shan (Dragons & Tigers Hill). One of the sunken ruins was circular not much dissimilar to the one at Chung Him Kok, though without the half roof.  It was just above the shoreline.

I wonder if the charming mansion and ancillary buildings would be conserved.  They would make a very nice film production studio complex.  The ancillary buildings make great sync-sound studios with some modifications of the interiors.


Hi Lawrence,

That's the Jubilee Battery below Victoria Road - the Mount Davis Battery is further up the hill.

There are few notes about the building you describe in these comments.

Regards, David

Thanks David, good to know, and there's so much more said about the place too. I remember walking from the house to the ruins in the mid-70s, I think it was within the precinct of the house then, and there was no park in the neighbourhood.

I never know that the house was referred to as Oriental Hotel.  It was mainly referred to as Lung Fu Shan (Dragon & Tiger Hill) in those days.  I wonder if Lung Fu Shan referred to the area or the site of the secretive houses. 


The Oriental Hotel sign was short-lived - I think from the building's use as a film set.

The name "Lung Fu Shan" is still used today, but it describes a hill a bit further east, towards the university.

Regards, David

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